I’ve always been captivated with the ability to design over time, with music, video, and text to help my clients convey more than just a visual image of their brand…but the emotions, feelings, and spirit of what they are bringing to the world and how they want that to be portrayed.

I continue to be a risk taker when it comes to trying new technologies, programs, and accepting job opportunities that will challenge and push me to be the best possible artist I can be! Below you will find some examples of my vast experience in the creative field.


My broad design experience spans the gamut from complete branding packages for tv stations and network TV shows, to print pieces, and video production for many online/mobile platforms. I’m grateful to have worked with many large corporate clients to help bring their print branding to life through video and also created countless video environments for conferences around the world.

International • 01|12 – Present
Emmy Award winning Art Director, Designer, Producer, Videographer, and Editor for various clients ranging from corporate branding and commercial production, to health and fitness studios and everything in between. These include projects I’ve managed from conception to completion, as well as collaborating with advertising agencies.

Skills gained include: project management, advanced sense of motion, composition, and typography. Strong personal skills of communication and plays well with others.

International • 01|11 – 09|15
As Creative Services Director for the Forrest Yoga organization, I was responsible with updating the Forrest Yoga branding & image in the yoga community. I produced, shot, edited videos relating to Forrest Yoga promotion, as well as all print and online design and branding. I was also responsible in creating new revenue streams for Forrest Yoga including creating 2 world wide retreats (Windhorse), and building a partnership with Cody App.

Portland, OR • 09|09 – 01|11
As one of the Creative Principals of Typethink, I was tasked with developing, producing, and executing video production, commercial spots, image campaigns, and motion graphic packages for a wide variety of clients. Website design was a pivotal part of my day to day duties, as well as incorporating video into those websites. Here at Typethink, we deliver exceptional web design solutions seamlessly blended with Emmy Award winning motion graphics and custom branded video pieces.

Portland, OR • 04|07 – 09|09
Managed a team of 6 designers in Portland & NYC. Designed all branding aspects of nationally syndicated TV show, ‘Better’. Designed sets, produced daily graphics for show, and for branded integration videos with clients involved with Meredith Publications (Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies’ Home Journal, MORE, etc.)

Phoenix, AZ • 09|03 – 04|07
Managed a team of 8 designers to produce daily graphics for all aspects of CBS 5 including branding, image campaigns, on-air graphics, billboards, vehicle wraps, website graphics, and sales department needs.

Hartford, CT • 09|02 – 09|03
Designed motion graphics and image campaigns for CBS 3 station identity, newscasts, and special projects.

Providence, RI • 01|01 – 04|01
Designed motion graphics and commercial production for NBC 10


I am grateful and honored to have been the recipient of many wonderful awards & honors from my peers.

Over the years I have been honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for image campaigns I Art Directed.

I have been recognized by the PROMAX/Broadcast Designers Association with two Gold, and one Silver BDA Award.


One of my loves is project management and planning and hosting events. One of my biggest skills is that I am able to see both detailed perspectives and the bigger picture. My time in the news world has helped me make quick & effective decisions and see projects through to completion with many moving parts.

After teaching many workshops, trainings, and special events in the US, I took my Yoga & Ceremony tour on the road internationally.

This involved coordinating all aspects of this tour including: event venues, lodging, transportation, marketing & promotions, and communication with students across Europe. These events were held in Scotland, Brussels, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

It was a pleasure to be a part of the team to create, conceptualize, plan, and execute two global Forrest Yoga conferences called, ‘Windhorse’, in Colorado and Washington.

My responsibilities included complete branding (logo design, video promotions, and social media marketing), hosting, and event coordination between international teachers, vendors, and participants.

I was the Emmy Event Chairperson for the Southwest Emmy Awards. I felt our event needed to be refreshed and the changes I implemented helped set the standard for the modern Emmy Award experience.

Through my management, we were able to increase the number of attendees, increase the profit of the event, lower the cost of the tickets, speed up the show, and partnered with nightclubs in Scottsdale to help bring more Hollywood feeling to the awards.

For two years, I was one of the two principals in planning, hosting, and producing highly successful fashion shows in Portland, OR. With my help we were able to grow attendance and revenue, increase community partnerships and support, and up-level the production value of the event.

I was part of the team to bring to life a yoga festival that united the Portland yoga scene. Duties included creating a branding concept, hosting, coordinating with local studios & teachers, vendors, venue, and participants. Over the course of these two events we increased attendance, revenue, and public awareness of our organization.